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Note that the English version of the website is published only in a demonstration mode. Thus, you can find a lot of rude grammar mistakes here. Nevertheless, we tried our best to make it readable and clear. So do not be a strict judge.

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The website of our school was awarded in the international exhibition tibo'2011, where the best Belarusian websites were choiced.

The website of our school won the 1st place in the 2011 Golden Website Cup—the main and the oldest open Russian contest of websites, which has been held for more than ten years. More than 1000 websites take part in the contest each year. In the final of this year, we got almost 30 000 votes. And we are very proud of such a results!


The 110th School of Minsk is our friendly and hospitable home. It's a peaceful place full of aspirations, discoveries, friendship and love. We are proud being a part of it. And we welcome you to our big friendly family.

Type public Number
of classes
Gender of entry mixed Primary school
Age range 6–18 Secondary school
Number of students ~650 Academic period 9/01–5/31 each class ~18–22 Exams period 6/01–6/20
Number of teachers ~80 Languages BY, RU, EN

The school pays attention to every child and tries its best to make them real persons. It's not only about acquiring knowledge. That is also about health, humanity, ethics, friendship, society, personality. In the school, every child feels a personal care and attention, and at the same time they get a neccessary freedom for growing well.

School cares, children grow.

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