A student is a central figure in the school. This place is another home for each child. And we keep this honorary title with love and pride.

Primary goals

We always try our best to grow people we may afterwards be proud of. We consider children's gratitude the best gift we can get. We try to make the children believe that the school is their another home and the teachers are their second parents.

Our primary goals and aims:

  • Creativity
  • Personalilty
  • Social and cultural skills
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Use of the innovative technologies of training and education


school school school

Special campaigns

  • The Talented Children program, which is aimed on development of creative abilities of children, on the encouraging and support of talented children and creatively working teachers
  • The Healthy Way of Life program, which is directed on disease prevention, physical training level increase, food quality control, vacations arrangement
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