Sport and health

Sport and health are very close friends. A physical culture has always been considered the basis of healthy lifestyle, while health—an invaluable fortune of a human being. So that children grow healthy and phisicaly active, a love of sport should be developed in them from early years.

It's important to understand that gym classes alone are not able to completely compensate for the sedentary of a child, for adverse environmental conditions, for a failure to comply with the rules of a healthy lifestyle. A physical culture is a complex of steps, which work effectively only being complied systematically and balanced.

The school pays a great attention to a sport component of a student's life. Sport in the school is:

  • Adherence to the state standarts in the classrooms
  • Continious control of children's health
  • Physical education for the students and their parents
  • Encouraging of sports achievements
  • Sports competitions

Traditional components of the school's sports life is:

  • Gym classes held both in the gym and outdoors
  • School championships in soccer, futsal, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, running
  • Sports festivals
  • Successfull appearance of the school's soccer, basketball, volleyball teams in regional and city championships
  • Tourism
  • School camp work during vacations
  • Sports and health related competitions in a computer graphics

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Sport not only helps children to strenghten their health. During sportmanship, children learn communication skills, mutual aid, respect for each other. Children learn how to win. They also learn how to lose. Together, they fight for the honour of their class, their school, for the honour of themselves. Regular victories and decent performances at regional and city competitions became traditional. And it stimulates many of the students to get aquainted with the sport.

Health is where sport is. Life is where health is.

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