Scientific work

Our students and teachers regulary participate in scientific conferences of the school, region or state. Under a close supervision of teachers, kids study the choiced subjects and assert their works.

The best works of the recent year


The booklet of the school conference of 2009/2010th academic year

Achievements of 2010/2011th

A participation in an international conference on the topic of "Partnership of public institutions and private collectors in questions of patriotic education of youth"(dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Soviet Union victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War). The project was publicated in the book released within the conference. By Nina Variotskaja, a teacher of history.

The 3rd category diploma of the city conference on the topic of "The Belarusian language," by the students of class 10A—Zhuk Svetlana, Korkina Victoria, and the supervisor Tatiana Sandalova, a teacher of the Belarusian language.

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