Hobbies and activities

A personal development is a comprehensive process. The school pays a particular attention to creative, sports and other sides of children's personality. It's provided by a wide range of after-class lessons, trainings and the work of various interest groups.

Free after-class lessons and clubs

  • Joyful Palette art studio
  • Proscenium dance group
  • Musical Train vocal studio
  • Our Land, lessons of local history
  • Law and Order, a jurisprudential club
  • Young Rescuer, a MOE club
  • Handymen, a hand-made studio
  • Sports teams: soccer, basketball, volleyball, fightings, skiing, shaping, tennis, table tennis.

Special trainings and lessons

  • Irrepressible Kids: Intellectual Development School (5 y.o.)
  • I Learn to Think Creatively lessons (1–5 forms)
  • Lessons of preparation to school (5 y.o.)
  • Lessons of introduction into the economics (1–2 forms)
  • Fashion Design studio (7–9 forms)
  • Interior Design and Landscape Design studios (9–11 forms)
  • Computer Graphics School (6–10 forms)
  • Studios of English, German and Polish (5–11 forms)
  • I Am a Tutor special lessons (10–11 forms)
  • I Am an IT Specialist special lessons (7–10 forms)
  • Acting Basics club (6–11 forms)
  • Journalism club (9–11 forms)
  • I Am an Interpreter club (9–11 forms)
  • Web Design lessons (9–11 forms)
  • Woodworking studio (8–9 forms)

Preparation to school

  • Restless Children (ages: 5–6; topics: literature, eurhythmics, logics, English)
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