School camp

LagerSchool is not only lessons and homeworks. It's also vacations loved by all the children:

  • Autumn: 1 week
  • Winter: 2 weeks
  • Spring: 1 week
  • Summer: 3 month
  • Additional winter: 1 week (1st form)

The school camp works for the children during all the vacations. Skilled teachers help children to get use and pleasure. Contests, sports competitions, exhibitions, cinema are held in the camp daily. Children visit the school computer club and the gym. They are supplied with food three times a day. There's also a silent hour organised for them. Therefore, they have all the neccessary for a full vitality repair.

The camp works 6 days per week from early morning till late evening. All this time children are surrounded with care, attention, and love. Well, what else do they need for a really good recreation?

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