History and traditions

The school first opened its doors in 1967. 

Ever since that time, we supply our students with a high quality education. Our talented teachers share their care and love with all the children. That's the main reason why the school's graduates become successful students of numerous universities and actively use a gained knowledge in the further education, work, and life.
The school has its own rich history, symbolics and customs. Some of them are pretty new, while the other are settled and strong. However, the main chroniclers and keepers of the school history and traditions are students and teachers.

A few years ago, the school celebrated its 40th birthday, having collected together a great quantity of graduates and teachers whose destiny had been connected with the establishment.


Some events and activities became traditional in the school:

  • School's anniversaries
  • First and the Last Bell Ring holidays
  • Proms
  • Days of Health
  • Open Days
  • Self-Management Day, when the best students replace the teachers
  • Campaigns on the topics of "Charity," "Children's care—to veterans," "Help a teenager with disability"
  • Exhibitions of children's works of art
  • Intellectual Marathon
  • Campaigns of healthy way of life popularization
  • Work of the Searches Club and the Memory Club
  • Hiking Days
  • Mothers' and Fathers' Days
  • Queen and King of the School competitions
  • Teachers' Days
  • Sport Days
  • Sport games competitions
  • Intellectual Olympic Games

Our traditions is our foundation. It's our heart. And we care of it as diligently as we can year after year.

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