It's adults sharing their love and attention, who children's success are based on. First of all, parents and teachers.

Teaching, as well as parenting, is a very tough kind of job. Tough, responsible, unpredictable, but also interesting, fascinating, and a little bit magical. Some believe it's the best job in the world. And we share this opinion.

Due to a great role of a teacher in a children's success, we pay a great attention to our personnel and its qualification. Each of the school's teachers is a well-skilled professional, a master of his work, who not only has all the neccessary knowledge, but also can make use of it for a children's future sake.

Nearly hundred teachers work in the school. 85% have a bachelor degree. A few teachers are students of high courses of the belarusian pedagogical universities. They all work together as a big team, an amicable family. Their philosophy is based on a belief that each student, each kid is talented.

The average work experience of the school's teachers is 10 years. The average age is thirty-two. There're some masters who have devoted the bigger part of their lifes to teaching. There're also some young specialists, who bring in a fresh impetus to the educational process.

We pay attention to not only children's but also teacher's education and growth. There're the Science Union of Teachers, subjects unions, the Young Teacher's School, creative labs, master classes are held in the school. It helps our teachers to keep and improve their competence.

The school's teachers take part in regional, city, and state professional contests and competitions. They also actively participate in the school's after-class events regulary. But what we clearly know is that the best index of a teacher's success is a student's one. And that's what we are basicaly headed for.

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